For every single lady on Earth there is the perfect scent, she needs only to find out which exactly the scent would be suitable for her. Nowadays, the market for fragrances, all over the globe, is filled with the various scent notes. All that you suppose to do is to choose the one that isRead more »

During the sunny days of summer, our skin requires extra care. All those sun rays and sweat have negative effect on our skin. Thereby, it is essential to provide the skin with proper care, and give it the moisture it needs. This will all result in shinny, clean and healthy skin.   Milk and honeyRead more »

Girls, let’s admit that the vast majority of us, imagine her prince charming as an active, strong, tall and handsome guy. And the guys are pretty much are aware of that fact (I feel so relief knowing that fact :-)) and they are giving their best in order to transform themselves into such a (female)Read more »

Chamomile has always been well known as a medical herb in ancient Egypt, as well in the Greece and Rome. It is a domestic and grows in many countries throughout the whole Europe. Its healing and calming effects are already being legendary. The chamomile healing performance comes mainly from its flowers, which look like aRead more »